US Supreme Court refuses to move California suit against oil companies to federal court
 Russia court orders two-month detention for political activist
 US father and son plead guilty to aiding Carlos Ghosn’s escape from Japan
 US Supreme Court limits new trials for felons in possession of firearm
 Biden administration plans to restore environmental protections to Tongass National Forest
 Spain protesters gather in Madrid to challenge pardon of Catalan separatists
 UN rights chief alarmed over Myanmar escalation of violence
 US Supreme Court rules First Step Act does not expand crack cocaine sentencing reform
 Switzerland voters reject three environmental laws
 UN expert urges UAE government to release human rights defenders
 Federal judge dismisses hospital employee lawsuit over vaccine mandate
 California governor rolls back pandemic restrictions
 Germany passes law requiring corporate due diligence human rights, environment
 US sanctions individuals funding Houthis in Yemen
 DOJ investigating Trump administration seizure of House Democrat data
 China enacts blocking rule to fight Western sanctions
 US Supreme Court rules reckless offenses do not qualify as ‘violent felony’
 North Carolina governor signs order expanding offshore wind power
 EU Commission advances legal action against Malta and Cyprus over passport for investment scheme
 EU Commission sues Italy over unsafe drinking water
 New York Assembly approves bill creating gender-neutral option on driver’s licenses
 Myanmar dispatches: ‘we need humanitarian aid in Min Dat right NOW’
 European Parliament urges European Commission to support patent waiver for COVID vaccine
 Biden, Johnson sign amended Atlantic Charter at G7 summit
 Keystone XL pipeline project terminated by developer following legal battle