Russian opposition leader Aleksei Navalny detained on arrival to Moscow
 Federal prisons put on lockdown in anticipation of Biden inauguration
 Alabama law requiring surgery for transgender individuals to change sex on driver’s license unconstitutional
 Hong Kong demands all civil servants sign declaration of loyalty to government
 Poland prepares draft law to make social media censorship illegal
 South Korea Supreme Court upholds 20-year prison sentence for impeached former president
 NRA moving to Texas after filing Chapter 11 bankruptcy amid suit to dissolve
 Class action lawsuit filed against Amazon for alleged e-book price-fixing with ‘Big Five’ publishers
 EU top court hears first case in Irish, affirms national court’s discretion to grant relief
 Canada Supreme Court refuses to hear church appeal against damages award for child sexual abuse at Newfoundland Catholic orphanage
 UK Supreme Court rules businesses can receive insurance payouts for COVID-19 lockdown losses
 US Justice Department makes more arrests, files more charges in wake of January 6 Capitol siege
 UNHCR calls out serious violations of international law at Tigray refugee camps
 US Defense Department blacklists 9 more Chinese companies with alleged military links
 Mexico will not prosecute former defense minister of drug-related crimes
 Report: DOJ failed to effectively manage consequences of ‘zero tolerance’ migrant detention policy
 US Congressional Commission declares ‘possible genocide’ against Uighurs in China
 US executes man with COVID-19, marking 12th federal execution under Trump
 UK to undertake landmark reform of mental health laws
 Trump administration reduces critical habitat for northern spotted owl
 Illinois lawmakers approve bill overhauling criminal justice system
 UN rights office: Peru police used excessive force during protests
 US Supreme Court rules for Chicago in vehicle impound case
 ECHR to hear Ukraine case on Russia rights violations in Crimea
 New York AG sues NYPD over excessive force practices