UN refugee agency lauds Pakistan's measures granting legal status to undocumented immigrants
 New Jersey Governor signs bill directing schools to recognize transgender rights
 UN Secretary General condemns violence in Jerusalem
 Federal court orders Kentucky to pay attorneys' fees in same-sex marriage litigation
 Abortion rights groups file lawsuit to block Texas ban on second-trimester procedure
 Amnesty accuses Cameroon of war crimes in fighting Boko Haram
 Thai Supreme Court convicts opposition leader for defaming PM
 Poland passes bill to allow parliament to appoint Supreme Court judges
 DOJ and FBI takedown largest ever illegal dark web marketplace
 ICC orders Gbagbo's continued detention pending trial chamber's review
 DOJ revives provision of civil asset forfeiture program
 Supreme Court exempts grandparents from enforcement of travel ban
 The UN voices concerns over imminent threats of torture in Libya
 California extends environmental legislation
 Philippines president asks congress to extend martial law until end of year
 Turkish court detains six human rights activists
 Federal appeals court upholds gag order on FBI surveillance requests
 Massachusetts top court: woman fired for using medical marijuana can sue for discrimination
 Pakistan opposition parties call for Supreme Court to remove PM
 Russia Supreme Court upholds ban on Jehovah's Witnesses
 Thousands rally in Poland to protest judicial reforms
 Millions of Venezuelans vote to reject plan for contitutional rewrite
 UN report condemns increase in civilian deaths in Afghanistan
 Judge postpones decision on Toshiba flash memory sale
 Venezuela holds unofficial referendum on constitutional rewrite