France top court orders review of COVID-19 restrictions on churches
 Pennsylvania Supreme Court unanimously dismisses election certification lawsuit
 France citizens protest proposed security law barring dissemination of police images
 Belgium puts Iranian diplomat on trial over foiled bomb plot in first EU proceeding
 France legislature bans discrimination based on regional accents
 Former CIA director condemns assassination of top Iranian nuclear scientist as ‘criminal’
 Venezuela judge sentences American oil executives to prison for alleged corruption
 India farmers dispersed by police during protest of agricultural reform bills
 Azerbaijan to investigate possible war crimes in Nagorno-Karabakh conflict
 European Court of Human Rights finds deportation of Nigerian violated right to private and family life
 Equality and Human Rights Commission finds UK hostile environment policy breached equalities law
 Federal judge rules that California ban on offensive vanity license plates violates freedom of speech
 Federal appeals court denies Trump campaign effort to challenge Pennsylvania election results
 UN denounces police use of racial profiling via ‘big data’
 Federal court rules religious schools in Kentucky may continue in-person instruction
 Delhi High Court says women are allowed to live with whomever they want
 Malaysia lawmaker calls on government to curb online hate speech
 UK court rules domestic abuse survivors should not be denied legal aid due to ‘trapped capital’
 French lawmakers pass bill restricting publication of police images
 Supreme Court blocks New York governor from reinstituting COVID capacity limits for religious congregations
 Pennsylvania appeals court blocks further certification of election results pending hearing
 Trump pardons former national security advisor Michael Flynn
 UK telecommunications security bill set to lock out high risk service providers in wake of Huawei row
 Scotland Parliament approves landmark bill to provide free period products
 US Army Corps of Engineers rejects permit application of controversial Alaskan mine