Amnesty: Venezuela, El Salvador, Paraguay held thousands in inadequate quarantine centers
 US House approves bill to address missing and murdered Indigenous people
 House votes to restore the application of antitrust laws to insurance business
 DOJ argues New Mexico school COVID-19 restrictions violate Equal Protection Clause
 Bulgaria court sentences 2 to life imprisonment for 2012 bus bombing
 Pennsylvania Senate committee considers emergency diploma privilege for law school graduates
 DOJ labels New York, Portland, Seattle ‘anarchy’ jurisdictions
 Turkish president files criminal complaint against newspaper staffers over offensive headline
 Federal judge orders USPS to prioritize November election mail
 Mexico women demand justice as femicide rates increase
 Netherlands seeking to hold Syria accountable for torture
 TikTok files complaint to block US ban
 Federal judge blocks Trump ban on WeChat downloads
 Ethiopia charges opposition leader Jawar Mohammed and 23 others with terrorism
 Peru president survives congressional impeachment vote amid allegations of corruption
 FEC complaint filed against Postmaster General for campaign finance violations
 Hong Kong Court of Final Appeal judge resigns over national security law
 UNHRC adopts resolution on human rights situation in Belarus
 Michigan judge rules on absentee ballot deadline
 US Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has died
 DOJ brings new charges against former Giuliani associate Lev Parnas
 Delhi police file charges in Hindu-Muslim riots
 Texas court removes inmate from death row over intellectual disability
 Belarus internet shutdowns condemned in international statement
 Federal appeals court rejects qualified immunity for police officer who slammed teen into wall