Sears files for bankruptcy
 Gambia launches truth and reparations commission
 Sessions announces measures to fight organized crime
 Kansas sued over policy preventing gender change on birth certificate
 Supreme Court declines to hear lead paint manufacturers’ appeal for release of liability
 UN experts urge businesses to prioritize human rights
 Florida Supreme Court rules Governor Rick Scott cannot fill Supreme Court vacancies
 Hungary constitution bans homeless from living in public spaces
 Climate change suit allowed against US government but not Trump
 Supreme Court to hear public access TV case
 Federal judge rules Missouri violated rights of juvenile offenders
 HRW criticizes new UK counter-terrorism bill
 France prosecutors move to dismiss Rwanda genocide charges
 Georgia sued over voter registration law
 Arkansas Supreme Court upholds voter ID law despite previous ruling
 Poland adds 27 Supreme Court justices, defying EU
 Jury awards $780,500 in Wisconsin transgender rights lawsuit
 Malaysia to abolish death penalty
 Washington state Supreme Court declares death penalty unconstitutional
 Dark web’s ‘Oxymonster’ sentenced to 20 years in prison
 Department of Energy allowed to stop construction of mixed oxide fuel plant
 Supreme Court hears arguments in immigration, maritime asbestos cases
 Third gender choice allowed on birth certificates in New York City
 Ginsburg temporarily blocks Trump official from appearing for mandatory census deposition
 UK Supreme Court rules for Christian bakery in same-sex marriage cake dispute