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Business Opportunities
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As a Content Service Provider, VersusLaw is very active in business opportunities concerning our content warehouse. Some of the programs we have in place include:
  • Collection and distribution of content to other publishers. In some instances we provide raw content to other publishers from courts, agencies and legislative bodies; we also provide fully tagged, fielded, and coded content as well.
  • Virtual Private Networks provide access for firms, corporations, and government agencies tour complete content warehouse.
  • Distribution Agreements provide other publishers access to our content warehouse as their own branded product.
  • Discounted Purchasing Groups. Larger groups of users that wish to access VersusLaw' web site can receive a group fee which covers all the users in their group.
To learn more about any of these programs, or to discuss an unrelated business opportunity, please contact:

Business Development
(425) 250-0142

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