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Why You Should Use Our Services!
  • Caselaw you need: Check out our Complete Library Directory.
  • Robust Search Options, including newly-enhanced citation, subsequent history, and current topical case feed broadens your scope while improving precision.
  • Save your searches and results the way you want to; 20 personalized saved searches save you time.
  • Retrieving your documents in plain text, full HTML, or PDF format allows you to use the documents your way.
  • No long-term commitment required due to flexible payment options - annual and month-to-month payment plans available.

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Standard Plan -
$18.95/mo; $227.40/yr

Online access to archive and current opinions from the following courts:

U.S. Supreme Court
U.S. Circuit Courts of Appeals
Federal District Courts
State Appellate Court
Tribal Courts

AdvanceLinks, which provides easy access to the most recent caselaw for useful topics
Premium Plan -
$29.95/mo; $359.40/yr

Access to the courts available in the Standard Plan and AdvanceLinks, plus:

V.Cite, a subsequent history locator
Increased Search Engine Functionality:
  • Citation Search
  • Save Searches/Preferences
  • Save to PDF
Links to State Resources, such as State Statutes and Regs

Professional Plan -
$44.95/mo; $539.40/yr

All of the content and online search capabilities of the Premium Plan and AdvanceLinks, plus:

U.S. Code
Code of Federal Regulations
Specialty Practice Collections

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